The village of Sayulita is the perfect place to enjoy the beach, eateries, and a flavor of Mexico.  Conveniently located, with direct flights from several U.S. cities (Phoenix, Dallas, Houston,  Atlanta, Chicago, Portland, L.A., for example), you can leave the east coast early morning and be in Sayulita for lunch).  You will fly into Puerto Vallarata‚Äôs airport (PVR), which is located north of the city and closer to Sayulita (only 22 miles); taxi to Sayulita can cost $60, but if you cross the highway, you can get a taxi for less.  If you cross the highway and wait for the bus (Sayulita will be painted in white letters on the windshield; about every half-hour), it will cost you only 20 Pesos (about $2 each person) and take only 20 minutes longer than a taxi.


Change some money at the airport if you have to, but there are additional money exchange offices and banks in shopping centers on the way to Sayulita. There are places to exchange money in Sayulita, although the rate is not as good. Sayulita also has several ATMs.



Getting Here




If you are staying at Villa Cielito, Casita Cielito or Casita Libertad, from where the bus lets you off in Sayulita, you can walk to the Villa or Casitas in less than ten minutes.  An additional visitor information booklet is supplied in the villa and casitas.