Walking around Sayulita is a joy.  While the small ‘downtown’ is cobble-stoned, most Sayulita streets are still dirt, many with chickens running about.  This is Mexico of a few decades ago.  There are lots of interesting new villas to look at, plus shops and street life.  Music is performed at several eateries and you might even get a chance to dance.  During the evenings, there’s always something happening at the plaza.


Day or half-day excursions might include seeing San Pancho to the north, Punta de Mita to the south, or a venture into old Puerto Vallarta, where the action is packed much more tightly than sleepy Sayulita. But perhaps we are not that sleepy, as tourists from PV drive to Sayulita just to dine at one of the many popular eateries.


Best of all, especially if you are lucky enough to lodge at a villa, casa or casita that has a terrace to hang out Mexican style  – a visit to Sayulita is your chance to relax and soak it in.


Suggestion: For a visit of a week or two - forget the car, bring very little (dressing up is putting on a clean t-shirt  – perhaps a long sleeve shirt for winter evenings) and take a taxi or the local bus from the airport. That’s about as low-key as you can get. During your stay, enjoy the beach and town; you’ll have a great day in PV and there are taxis to take you to nearby villages. Just wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared for some hills. You’ll go back relaxed, exercised and well fed  – not to mention bragging about your surfing skills! It will be one of your very best vacations!


Need more advice? Call or email Barbara or Eric (413.664.9550 or eric@sayulitavisit.com and we’ll be glad to tell you what we know.

The sleepy fishing village of Sayulita has been discovered!  But there are advantages to being discovered, like having many restaurants and fun activities - plus, there’s now the Internet  and cell phone service– the modern way to check with home to make sure all is well, while you relax on the beach sipping Margaritas.


What to do during your stay?  Obviously, most activities revolve around the beach.  Whether you want to just get wet, or try a boogie board or surfboard, you’ll enjoy the waves.  And you’ll discover that you aren’t too old to try surfing!  Several places give lessons, or you can try it on your own by renting a surfboard for $5 an hour.  You’ll discover what it’s like to ride a wave standing on a board!


 Most of all, you’ll find the people of Sayulita friendly and welcoming. It’s not hard to strike up a conversation, even if you only know half-dozen words in Spanish. There are several places to take drop-in Spanish lessons.You’ll meet most of the ‘transplants’ here as well. Most likely, you’ll be tempted to talk about real estate as you, too, might become attracted to this very special village on the Pacific coast of Mexico. There’s been many a visitor who came to vacation and are now full-time or part-time residents.


There are quieter beaches within walking distance to the south of town, so you can have your choice. There are also boats for hire to go fishing or snorkeling (or try it off the beach just south of the main beach).  Several small ranches offer horseback riding, either along the surf or into the jungle.  There’s even a canopy zip line high up in the jungle.

You really don’t need a car; if you want to go to nearby towns, like San Francisco (a/k/a San Pancho), you can take a taxi; to get to Puerto Vallarta, (taxis are available in Sayulita if you choose not to take the bus) you’ll take a bus to the Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club or the Sheraton and then change to a local bus into town; it takes slightly longer but you’ll get some flavor of Mexico life.


Most likely you’ll only do this once if you are here for a week or two.  Unless you are determined to explore the region or have rented lodging far from the beach and town center, why leave a car parked the rest of the time?   (If you do rent, many visitors have recommended Gecko Rent-a-Car rather than the national chains.  In Sayulita, Garcia Realty now rents Alamo cars.)  Buses leave for PV about every half-hour starting at 6 AM and the last bus returning leaves Puerto Vallarta at 8 PM.






Perfect Place to Enjoy the Beach, Eateries, and Mexican Culture