Around the plaza,  the other restaurants are good,  depending on mood.  Then there are the burrito stands all over town.  Probably the most popular and best is Burrito Revolution, just across from Gracia.  But try all the other stands with tables and chairs on the streets and sidewalks.  In fact, burrito stand-hop one evening and try them all!


The places on the beach are fine, especially if you want a drink and light food, like a shrimp taco.  Captain Pablos has good fish but there are several—look around and try one, it’s hard to go wrong


You can also breakfast or lunch at Choco Banana (very popular and they have free WiFi) and the corner place at the plaza with umbrellas.  Our favorite place for lunch is the outdoor place under the palapa on the corner almost across from Sayulita Café.  They have great vegetable and fruit drinks (ask for whatever, we had pineapple, orange and mango, or beet, carrot and ginger drinks) and their cheese sandwich is great for only one dollar. For lunch, also try Blue Iguana, and a few places next to the sand at the beach are all good.


For dessert, try the stands on the plaza. Then there are several places for paletas (fruit bars), across from Calypso, across from Garcia, etc.  You’ll see the evening atmosphere of the village as you bump into friends strolling around.


There are several places now serving pizza and so many new eateries, that we just haven’t had time to try them all; if you have a great experience, let us know.


Tropical House has moved, it is now near the north end, one block from the beach.  They have great fish and customized dishes.


You can go to Villa Amor for dinner, drinks or breakfast; best view and it’s a wired zone, so you can sit and use the laptop.  (Easiest place to go is Garcia Realty for internet, either their computers or wireless there.)  Also, you might want to see a room at Villa Amor for fun.


Anyway, each year finds new restaurants and changes.  That’s what makes Sayulita so enjoyable.

When you are hungry, try one of Sayulita’s 50 to 65 restaurants.  There’s something for everyone, including of course fantastic fish dinners.  There’s French, Thai, Chinese, Argentinean, Italian, Californian-style – oh, there’s even Mexican!  Seriously, it’s all great food; most of the non-Mexican restaurants are run by authentic chefs who have moved to Sayulita for the slower pace.


The fish dinners at the finest restaurants cost $10 to $12, but you can eat well for less with great burritos or tacos at one of the street restaurants.  People gravitate to Rollie’s for breakfast- and there aren’t many who can finish all their food.  We’ve eaten at most of them, and never had a problem with our stomachs.


Restaurants use commercial purified ice, and they cater to visitors.  Of course, you can pick up some fresh fish or vegetables at the local markets and cook at home.


Eating Out: Recommendations: (First several are especially recommended.)

The openings and closings of restaurants occur too often to keep completely current; below are some musts, that seem to stay around.


Sayulita Café;  Ask for red snapper grilled (choice of with garlic or Veracruz);  “grilled” is not on menu but they will do it; it’s the best in town; only $12.  also, chile rellenos is the best here.   Very nice people.


Calypso:  Fajita salad is great; enchiladas dinner and their pasta with red sauce all are great; very big salad to share for only $4. Best view of plaza; try to get a table at the balcony.


Rollies:  Their breakfast (esp Sunday breakfast) is the place to be.  If you are lucky, you’ll get to hear Rollie singing, but you’ll return because the food is great and reasonably priced.  Definitely more than you can eat; if not, he’ll offer you more.


Los Afortunados:  Great atmosphere and people.   Try any entrée and the vegetables, as well as the spinach salad.


Don Pedro:  At the beach, the best known restaurant in town.  They have large screen TV for sports events and eating beach-front is the best.


Fish Taco:  Very popular, very economical (try the shoebox with fish); their bar specialty is Tequila –they have 300 brands.





  Small Town Serves All Appetites and Flavors